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PLFDebt Problems? Considering bankruptcy in California? We can help. We are the Fear Law Group, P.C., a Fresno Bankruptcy Law Firm, and we have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses get free from crushing debt loads.

You are probably here because you have a lot of questions about bankruptcy. This website is here to help you answer some basic questions about bankruptcy and so that you can get to know our firm a little bit.

We have articles about the basics of bankruptcyFAQ about bankruptcy, and some common myths. In addition, we frequently write about bankruptcy subjects and you can view those articles by topic (sidebar on the right) or by going to the Fresno Bankruptcy Blog. You can also learn about us and what we can do for you.

So, What’s Next . . . 

When you are ready to talk to an attorney, we make it easy for you to set an appointment. You can schedule an appointment online to talk to a bankruptcy attorney or you can all our office to set up an appointment. We offer a free half-hour consultation for individuals considering bankruptcy.

When you come in, we will talk about how bankruptcy can give you a fresh start and how bankruptcy can help you you get back on your feet by stopping collection actions and wiping out your debt, while allowing you to keep most or all of your property. Set up an appointment today to see what bankruptcy can do for you.